Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sad Urdu Poetry Pictures & Photos - Best and Touching Sad Poetry

Urdu Sad Poetry in Photos - Pictures Format

Sad Urdu Poetry Collection is for those who are in love. When you are in love, you are under a rock. If you are in love and your love is fair and your beloved understand it, you can win it then, you will enjoy the scene then. Then you can read Best Urdu Romantic Poetry and could fasten your relations.

Urdu Sad Poetry has been dedicated for those who have lost their beloved or they are unable to have the company of those whom they love a lot. When you propose someone and the reply is negation, you really feel burden upon your head. It hurts really. The huge sighs cannot comfort you. Your friends and family could help you. When you are alone, then these Sad Urdu Poetry Verses could help you to gain you control. To make some new hopes. To fight against the harsh behavior of your love. So never give up and try to achieve your love.

Sad Urdu Poetry Pictures
Sad Urdu Poetry Pictures

Best Sad Urdu Poetry Photos
Best Sad Urdu Poetry Photos
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