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Only those know about the sickness of love who have suffered the love and its aftermaths. This post is specially dedicated to those lovers to enjoy Sad Best Urdu Poetry. I hope these couplets would help you to control your emotions. Well, it is better not to indulged in such affairs where you lost your emotions and get hurt always. However, love is blind and it always hurt if there is no pure emotions. Read the following Heart touching Sad Urdu Poetry SMS for your beloved one.

Best Sad Urdu Poetry

!!...Zindagi Ne Diya Sab Kuch Par Wafa Na Di...!!
!!...Zakham Diye Sab ne Par Dawa Na Di...!!
!!...Hum ne To Sab ko Apna Mana...!!
!!...Par Kisi Ne humen Apno Main Jagha Na Di...!

After reading such emotional couplets, everybody feels like catch his beloved and enjoy the whole life with the one whom love is supposed. This is a biggest fact that love happens in life and it leaves great impacts on people life. Those who have pure love enjoy the life while those who have selfishness never find comforts in relations. I hope you love would find some awesome fruits and your would have great life with your partner. These Sad Urdu Poetry SMS on Love  are for all my friends. I am happy being the part of your Love-Drama :-) Keep it up and earn respectful love ;-)

Lovely and Best Sad Urdu Poetry

Sad Best Urdu Poetry SMS
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 Lovely Sad Poetry & SMS for Lovers
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